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XAVIAN Prometeo Speaker

  • Brands Xavian
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Prometheus, the creator of man from dust and rain. Prometheus, Titan who brought the fire back to mankind to make their life better. Prometheus, the symbol of courage and thought that people deserve divine things. We chose his name to name our new project, with which we want to bring the music itself to your home.

We focused all our knowledge of more than 20 years, all we learned about acoustics, dynamics and reconstruction of soundstage. Prometeo is the technical pinnacle of what Xavian stands for – these are the speakers where we didn´t care about prices of used parts, we created the speakers just to not hold the music back and to keep the corpus in the idea of classic estetics.

After long thinking, development and long listening session we chose the tweeter with classic soft dome, that betters the metals and exotic materials with it´s natural sound and integration with the rest of the frequency range. We completely developed it and we are producing it in Italy under AudioBarletta brand.

The mid-frequency driver from Orfeo is coupled to four bass drivers to achieve the unlimited frequency range and dynamics.

For each and every pair all drivers are chosen and paired by measuring and listening.

Enourmous care is given to absolutely “transparent” crossover – every single component, every path, every connection has it´s own well thought and tested place and parametres to make the music flow.

Dimensions (HxWxD)

1200 x 256 x 366 mm                                                    MADE IN CZECH

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