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  • Product Code: XAVIAN XN VIRTUOSA
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XN Virtuosa is a compact 3-ways floor standing speaker for the discerning listener.

In close collaboration with the prestigious Danish Scan-Speak drivers manufacturer, we have developed the Virtuosa´s bass and mid-bass units. These units are carefully matched together to a special made Scan-Speak “ring radiator” to create an harmonic and coherent instrument for the music. Virtuosa plays music as a true virtuos but never forgetting about heart. Because virtuosity has always to be matched also with sensibility and musicality.

We are sure that Virtuosa will be a legend for years and years.

Traditionally all the production is proudly hand-made in the Czech Republic.

Since June 1st 2013, Virtuosa will be equipped with new massive XAVIAN binding posts, completely made in Czech republic. The connection quality and functionality are at superior levels.

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